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A Must Stash Hat show feels like it lasts for days while you’re in it but when they end their last note, everyone is still screaming for ten more songs. Your body won’t stop moving while they transition from an upbeat rocking chorus into a jazzy and relaxing hypnotic refrain before stretching it out, twisting it up into outer space and verging ever so close to awkward before exploding back in a most satisfying cymbal ridden rhythm, bass slappin’ and bappin’ on the hips of high laughing guitar chords pulling at the off beats. Must Stash Hat is a three piece Toronto based jam band and the best way to see them is live and unshaven. Their talent for improvisation is powerful. These moustache men know each other too well to miss a beat.

Written by Keisha Neoma-Quinn



Matt Berman- guitar/vocals

Rich Itzkovitch- bass/vocals

Codi Maki- drums/vocals